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Habitat for Humanity Nelson is part of an affiliated Habitat network that works across New Zealand as well as internationally, towards a vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. In pursuit of this vision, Habitat Nelson provides a range of programmes aimed at building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter in the Nelson Tasman region.

Our flagship programme is rent-to-buy Progressive Home Ownership – a programme designed for mid-income households in Nelson who are locked out of the housing market and need to become mortgage-ready before affording a home.Β 

Progressive Home Ownership

This is our primary housing programme in the Nelson Tasman region. It offers a rent-to-buy opportunityβ€”selected partner families initially rent homes that we construct, which serves as the basis for their deposit. Within five years, they have the option to purchase the homes.

Progressive Home Ownership

Affordable and Social Rentals

We provide short- and long-term rentals for individuals in housing need.

  • Social rentals – our latest partner project is “Cabins for the Community“, a transitional housing for homeless people in Nelson.
  • Affordable rentals – rental options with safe and secure tenure. Two out of 14 townhouses in Stoke Stage 1 and one out of 8 homes in Stoke Stage 2 were affordable rentals.


Homes built to date

More homes by 2024

Affordable Rentals

With the assistance of partners, volunteers, and the proceeds from entities owned and operated by Habitat Nelson, we can fund our building projects.

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Our Partner Families

We partner with low- to mid-income Nelson families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve home ownership without some support. Local whanau are selected because of their clear and obvious housing need, a strong demonstration of a willingness to partner with Habitat Nelson, and their potential to successfully make a shift to home ownership.

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Rachel, single mum and new PHO family in Stoke

Contact Details

Address: The Habitat Hub, 166 Tahunanui Drive, Tahunanui, Nelson, 7011

Phone: 03 547 4626

Email: [email protected]

Office and Hub Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Saturday – Sunday:Β Closed

Our Partners

A big thank you to all trusts, foundations, individuals and businesses who have supported us over the last year. Thanks for your support of our mission of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. We are committed to helping as many families as we can and to continuously develop the ways we help so we can meet the diverse need of our communities.

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