How we help

Habitat Nelson How we help

Habitat for Humanity Nelson provide a range of programmes aimed at building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter in the Nelson Tasman region.

Our programmes include Progressive Home Ownership, Affordable Rentals and a Home Repair Programme currently under development targeted at low to moderate income whanau and individuals in need of urgent home repairs.

The Need

Nelson and Tasman are now the second and third most expensive regions to live, respectively. Recent data indicates that most households are now paying 50 to 70 percent of their weekly income on rent or a mortgage, leaving some families with less than $200 a week for other expenses. For many families, decent, affordable housing is becoming difficult to find. This is having a negative impact on the mental and emotional health and wellbeing of whanau and tamariki.

Moreover, research shows that beyond causing severe emotional and mental strain, unaffordable and substandard housing influences the quality and quantity of interactions within neighbourhoods, affecting social cohesion, trust and a collective sense of community.

Many low-income families live in cold, damp and unhealthy homes. These poor conditions are linked to increased illnesses and infections, especially in young children.  According to new research conducted by Otago University’s housing and health programme, poor housing is causing preventable injury and illness that is estimated to cost New Zealand more than $145 million annually in accident compensation claims and hospital admissions.

Substandard housing, and in particular crowded, cold, damp and mouldy homes, have also been linked to poorer mental health and psychological distress for dwelling occupants. The flow-on effects from this unhealthy environment erodes families’ hope and self-worth and impairs children’s ability to succeed in school.

By partnering with whanau and individuals in need to provide decent, affordable and healthy homes we have been able to reduce the incidence of sickness and disease within our community and provide hope and security for whanau and tamariki.

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