Habitat for Humanity builds brighter futures, strong foundations, healthier children and stronger families.

Every 24 hours Habitat for Humanity completes 115 homes around the world. The needs of all these families are diverse, but so are the Habitat for Humanity solutions. We build new homes and we repair others. We help those who have been struck by disaster and we partner in international projects to provide communities with sanitation and clean water. No matter what housing solution we provide, the outcomes are the same: a foundation for a better life.


Assisted Home Ownership

Home ownership changes every aspect of a family’s life.

Helping a family into a simple, decent home gives them a hand up, not a hand out. It gives them the ability to help themselves out of poverty.

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A Brush With Kindness

No one should have to choose between paying for bills or home maintenance

Habitat’s home repair programme helps low income families with home maintenance. Most urgent home repair gets done for affordable repayments to the owner.

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Social Rental

Income based rent keeps living costs affordable

Habitat for Humanity provides rental accommodation to low income individuals and families. The rent is based on a tenant’s income and subsidised by Habitat.

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Disaster Relief

Rebuild after a disaster

After natural disasters and conflicts, Habitat is there to help rebuild communities and prepare them for the future.

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Global Village

Building homes overseas

Volunteers work hand-in-hand with families from all over the world to help them build a home and strengthen their communities.

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International Projects

Strengthen communities

Habitat helps families in the Pacific region to improve their housing and to up-skill families and local builders.

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