Global Village

This is your chance to make a meaningful difference.

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Habitat for Humanity New Zealand’s Global Village programme makes it possible for groups of Kiwis to volunteer abroad on a housing project and directly improve a local family’s access to a decent place to live.

Habitat volunteers work shoulder-to-shoulder with families and fellow group members, have a vibrant experience immersed in a different culture and country, and then return home knowing that they themselves and the homeowners have been positively impacted long-term.

Volunteers don’t need specific building experience, just a willingness to lend a hand. Your team leader will ensure your contributions are still sturdy and make a valuable contribution to the local community.

Make an Impact

By traveling to a partner country and donating your time and effort, you have an opportunity to directly address and improve immediate housing needs. The impact of your effort extends far beyond the week-long project, as the outcome will continue benefiting the local community and families for years to come with physical shelter and protection and a stable sense of home that we all need to thrive.

Gain Experience

A Global Village experience is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of different cultures and backgrounds, while immersed in a new environment. By working closely and engaging with local communities, you will develop connections that leave a long-lasting impact, returning home with a new perspective and inspiring you to make a positive difference in your own community.

Ethical Volunteering

Global Village is centered around improving a country’s access to decent, safe housing in a meaningful way. All projects are designed alongside local communities and contribute to the host country’s existing programming to ensure the outcome is useful, culturally appropriate, and supports self-sufficiency. Our volunteers do not replace local jobs as projects only add to the building capacity of the community and would not have otherwise been completed.

2024 Programme – Coming Soon!

After a halt due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, Global Village is backup and running and projects for 2024 are being announced soon.

Email us to express your interest and be notified of newly added projects.