Mareko and Lutise

Jun 17, 2020
Mareko and Lutise Savelio Mapu worked with Habitat to develop stability and self reliance after their home was badly damaged by Cyclone Gita. The roof had been blown away and the family were forced to live with Lutise’s parents in cramped conditions. Mareko, a carpenter, gained confidence in disaster-resilient construction techniques after working with Habitat and partners to repair his home. He now has future plans to extend his home with the new skills he has learnt. Samoa has been victim to a number of devastating extreme weather events over the years. We are providing crucial training so communities can better identify shelter risks and work to identify and action solutions, while providing communities with the skills needed to rebuild safe and resilient shelters. There are so many families in need of decent housing in Samoa, but we need your help to reach them. This is what Habitat means when we say through shelter, we empower. This work is making an impact in Samoa.