Building strength, stability, and independence through Home Repair

Mar 18, 2021

Last done 29 years ago, a Tauranga woman got much needed bathroom repairs done through Habitat’s Home Repair Programme.  

 “I wouldn’t been able to do my bathroom. It would have just been impossible so a huge thank you to habitat for Humanity for that as well,”

– Moira MacDonald, Habitat Home Repair recipient. 

 Tauranga literacy tutor Moira MacDonald (53) was in a critical need of repair to her accessible bathroom. The wet area shower floor had sunken in, as the waste had rotted over a period of time.


Moira, who lives with some health challengeswas referred to Habitat for Humanity by a friendwhile going through a particularly hard patch. She said that at the time, the bathroom was in “a bad state of needing repair.” Being a wheelchair user, Moira was also facing accessibility issues due to the placement of basins and vanities in the bathroom. 


Habitat for Humanity Central Region builder Paul Barry.  Moira said she was extremely happy with Habitat Builder Paul Barry’s approach to getting the work done, saying she felt she was a part of the whole process.  

Habitat’s home repair programme is supported by BNZ, and helps low income families back on track with their home maintenance. For affordable and interest free repayments to the homeowner over five years, Habitat carries out most urgent home repair projects, often relating to weathertightness, accessibility, heating and cooling and safety issues.   Find out more about our Home Repair Programme Call us at 07 849 0284 or email [email protected]