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Partnering with people to build and improve a place to call home

With Habitat for Humanity’s help, people all over the world achieve the strength, stability and self-reliance they need to build a better life for themselves and their whanau.  

Habitat for Humanity New Zealand is a Community Housing Provider that responds across Aotearoa with shelter solutions, working towards a world where everyone has a decent place to live. 

Progressive Home Ownership

Habitat has been helping New Zealanders with a hand up, not a hand-out in to home ownership for more than 25 years.

Progressive Home Ownership is a rent-to-buy system, with a strong emphasis on partnership between Habitat and the future homeowners. This is for low to mid-income whanau who otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve home ownership without some support. 

Whanau are selected because of their clear and obvious housing need, a strong demonstration of a willingness to partner with Habitat, and their potential to successfully make a shift to home ownership. 

Becoming a Habitat homeowner takes approximately 10 years, begins with a rental phase, and involves the input of ‘sweat equity’ – 500 hours of a family’s own time dedicated to housing and finance-related education and mahi. And Habitat is there to support each whanau through life’s ups and downs.  

Home Repair

Habitat’s Home Repair Programme is an affordable, no-interest solution for low-income homeowners to achieve critical maintenance and repairs specific to your needs. 

We offer services to address the challenges associated with keeping your home warm, dry, healthy and safe. This includes issues related to weathertightness, insulation, heating and cooling, safety and accessibility. 

Our Habitat tradespeople and trusted contractors assess and carry out the work, and homeowners pay us back at no interest, over up to five years. Affordable repayment options are provided based on a households income.  

Eligibility Criteria
  1. You must own your own home (with or without a mortgage).
  2. Your home requires work which you are unable to afford.
  3. You are willing to partner with Habitat for the duration of the project.
  4. You are willing and able to meet the affordable repayments.
  5. You are willing and able to provide a guarantor,if required.

Social Rental

Habitat helps to provide a decent place to live for families and individuals in regions of the Central North Island and Nelson. 

As a Community Housing Provider, Habitat works alongside the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to deliver affordable rental options to people who are on the housing waitlist or are experiencing housing deprivation. 

In some regions of the North Island, we also provide a property management service for private landlords who are interested in a sustainable rental income, while achieving a social outcome and helping to support Habitat for Humanity.  

Curtain Bank and other housing solutions

Curtain Bank

Offering low-income Auckland whanau free double-lined, full length curtains for their homes.  

Heating a home is difficult and sometimes costly for many families. Research shows that well fitted, double lined curtains are effective at reducing heat loss. This not only helps keep a home warm and healthy, but also greatly helps with reducing energy bills.     

Many families, particularly those living in rental properties cannot afford to buy good quality curtains. The Habitat Curtain Bank exists to help support these families. 

If you have a community services card or a child who has been hospitalised with respiratory illnesses, Habitat may be able to help. 

Please contact Habitat Northern to find out more  

Healthy Home services

From undertaking minor repairs, to providing home assessments against the Healthy Homes Standards to Winter Warmer Packs we have a range of other services we can help families and individuals in the regions of Northland and Auckland. 

Contact Habitat Northern to find our more.

Advice and advocacy 

Habitat understands the housing sector in New Zealand, and is pleased to help other individuals or organisations get their ideas off the ground. Reach out to your local Habitat office if you’d like to talk something through. 

We build global impact – disaster resilience and Global Village

Habitat for Humanity has a strong legacy of responding to where the need is greatest, including in nations of the Pacific and further overseas, in places such as Nepal, countries of South East Asia and South America. 

This includes responding to natural disasters, particularly in Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu. We work to deliver cyclone resilience education, help communities gain self-reliance with specific construction techniques, and educate on disaster preparedness. This work is supported by the New Zealand Government. 

Global Village

Habitat’s flagship international volunteering programme Global Village programme is on hold, due to Covid-19 restrictions on travel. Decent shelter is something we all need to thrive, and Habitat strongly believes that no one lives in dignity, until everyone can live in dignity. 

We’re looking forward to the time when we can once again work alongside future homeowners in all communities of the world. In the meantime, you can still help support families in places where Habitat is active. 

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