Whangarei family now new homeowners

May 19, 2021

After partnering with Habitat for Humanity since 2004, Kim Anderson is now the proud owner of her own home through Habitat’s Progressive Home Ownership programme.

“When I got the call from Habitat telling me that I’ve finally paid off my home after 17 years I couldn’t believe it.” – Kim Anderson

The Progressive Home Ownership programme by Habitat for Humanity Northern Region has traditionally built new homes for low income families through a progressive ‘rent-to-buy’ home ownership model. Partner families make regular affordable payments to Habitat to pay for their home. These payments are reinvested back into the programme through a revolving “Fund for Humanity”, allowing Habitat to build more homes for families in need.

“With the stability given to my family by Habitat, one of my sons has now been able to start his own business, and my other son was able afford his own home, get married and have children. I was also able to pay off my student loan. The most important thing was being able to have a place that we can call home and have no fear of being forced to move out of where we lived.”

Families partnered through the programme are supported with financial advice and home management skills until the time they can refinance and purchase their home from Habitat. Partner families also invest 500 hours of their own time building their own home or for others in the community.