Weymouth home gets a makeover with Jacobsen and Habitat Northern

Oct 18, 2022

This October a team from Jacobsen and Habitat Northern came together to paint the interior of Amanda’s family Weymouth home.

Amanda first came to us in 2019 to get critical repairs done to her home. The family had been living with holes in the floors and a leaking roof. They had ongoing health issues including asthma and respiratory illnesses linked to the cold, damp living environment. Over the last 3 years, the whare has had extensive repair work done, including new floors and flooring installed, a new kitchen and bathroom installed and repairs to their deck and roof.

This last step in repainting the interior has made a big difference to the home and all the family, they are motivated to keep going and this has gone a long way to restoring their pride in their home.

Amanda said, “We could not be more grateful, we were absolutely blown away by the change and the care taken by this wonderful group of people. It has motivated us to keep working on the interior. Habitat has provided us with some paint and brushes that were left over, so we can do the garage and windowsills ourselves. Thank you to everyone from Jacobsen who gave their time to give us the hand up that we needed.”

This is the second home repair that Jacobsen have collaborated with Habitat Northern, and we are grateful for their ongoing support.

Amanda’s home is typical of many we see, how over time living in homes that need critical repairs can have long lasting implications on how they see their own home. And, how a hand up from others can restore their mana and create lasting change.