Uaea Family – Rotorua

Mar 20, 2014

“A place where we can grow and develop our family.”

Family Uaea moved in to their home in 2012. Two years later they look back. “Through circumstances we moved in with family; it was five adults and five children in a three-bedroom house. It was an old, cold state home. If one of us got sick, it would go around. The environment aggravated the children’s eczema and worsened my husband’s asthma. We appreciated the opportunity to live in with the family, but life was stressful.

The feeling after we moved into our Habitat home was overwhelming. Health wise it’s been a blessing: no more asthma, and eczema is nearly gone. The children are much happier. They can express themselves and they are able to grow and develop in their own way. They can bring friends home, we invite ours. We put up our own pictures, we have a home.

One daughter is finishing her degree, another just completed hers. My husband is in his second year of social work degree and I have completed mine. The new house played a major role in these achievements. It was always difficult to study as there was no private space where we could focus on our work.

The house has given us shelter, but most of all stability, a place where we can grow and develop our family. We are so thankful.”