Take the Buy Nothing New challenge with Habitat Northern ReStores

Oct 4, 2022

Buy Nothing New this October, with the exception of essentials (food, drink, medications, hygiene products) you can borrow, barter, swap or buy second hand whatever you need. You just buy nothing new. It’s literally about taking one month off to really think, “Do I really need it?” If I do, “Can I get it second-hand, borrow it or rent it? What are my alternatives? Can I borrow from a friend? Can I swap with my colleagues?”

It’s about thinking where our stuff comes from, where it goes when we’re done (often landfill) and what are the fantastic alternatives out there to extend the life of our ‘stuff’. Second hand ain’t second best! Get involved by becoming an influencer with Habitat Northern ReStores. Share your sustainable shopping story and influence others to do the same. Create a post telling us why you choose to shop sustainably, or your latest second hand find. Make sure to tag your local ReStore Instagram page.

Shop sustainably, shop ReStore.