The Malele family moved into their first home in 2015 after partnering with Habitat through our Progressive Home Ownership programme. “Habitat gave us the confidence that we could get a house, plan for the future, pick our kids schools, and build our lives because we know where we’re going to be. We were given that hand-up to allow us to dream and make that dream a reality.” Many Kiwi’s are locked out of the housing market and unable to save for a deposit while paying high rents. Through the Progressive Home Ownership programme, Habitat provides partner families with a pathway into home ownership. Families help to build a simple, decent home alongside Habitat volunteers and tradespersons. With affordable repayments the family rent the home from Habitat for five years before taking full ownership within 10 years – using the rent paid less Habitat’s costs as part of their deposit. The programme enables families to enjoy the stability and security that comes with owning a home.