Parata Family – New Plymouth

Mar 20, 2014

“A chance to grow as a family”

As a mother, giving your children a stable environment is all one hopes for. This however is not a reality all of us can afford. When I first applied to Habitat I never actually thought I would have any chance of getting it, It seemed like a distant wish rather than a reality. When I was told I was the recipient of the next Habitat house I was extremely overwhelmed and excited.

As the building process began, it was amazing to see a piece of land transform so dramatically. “Even though the speed of the build was amazing, what amazed me more was selfless work provided by the volunteers. Day after day I would turn up and day after day these men would be there working hard, in a world where nothing comes for free anymore, it was refreshing to see this amount of generosity.”

As the moving day comes closer the reality of this build is starting to sink in. Habitat for Humanity has given me and my son a chance to grow as a family; in a house we can call our own. A true hand up, we will never forget.

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