Palo Alto Networks volunteer for healthier homes

Aug 16, 2023

Every hand helps at Habitat, and the team from Palo Alto Networks who donated their time to our Healthy Homes programme last week certainly added value to our team at a busy time of the year.

They came together from throughout the country and delivered Winter Warmer packs directly to whānau across Auckland, as well as making door snakes for inclusion in the packs.

These Winter Warmer packs are designed to support whānau who may be struggling to keep their home warm, dry and healthy over the colder months. They can include an energy efficient heater, blankets, mould kits along with a scoopy to remove condensation from windows and a hygrometer that measures the humidity and temperature inside the home along with educational materials on effective energy consumption and home health.

These simple yet effective and practical interventions mean families can effectively manage the health of their own homes and loved ones.

After they worked alongside her team for the day our Healthy Homes programme Manager Courtanay Gray said “The Palo Alto Networks team’s contribution to the Healthy Homes programme was invaluable. Their dedication and enthusiasm not only assisted in distributing numerous packs and creating door snakes, but also provided valuable insights on how to better support whānau in need.”