No more hospitalisations for Brittany’s whānau

May 5, 2022

“My children have had asthma and bronchitis. We knew that something had to change in our house because of the quality of the air,” said mum of three Brittany.

After Brittany’s youngest child was hospitalised and then diagnosed with bronchitis late last year, the whānau was referred to Habitat’s Healthy Homes Programme.

Our team completed a full home assessment and provided items designed to improve the performance of the home and health of the family. They received full length double lined curtains, a hot water cylinder wrap, draught stoppers, a heater, and blankets for everyone, as well as practical tips on creating a healthier home.

Brittany said, “This was our first summer that none of our kids were in the hospital. With these items, our babies now have a warmer house.”