Newborn twins will be warm this winter

Mar 8, 2022

Tai Tokerau mother and daughter, Bobby-Jo and Kapariera, who is expecting twins, were referred to Habitat’s Tō Kāinga Whare Programme. This enabled minor but impactful improvements to be made to their whare.

Bobby-Jo said draught stopping was a key improvement. “This house is an older style home. The windows had a small gap in them even when they were closed, and doors had big draughts going through. Cameron was able to give us draught stoppers which have truly helped make a difference, as well as a hygrometer, which I use to keep an eye on the humidity in our living room.”

“We also got heaters with winter coming up and we were both blown away. I had assumed our current heater was okay, but we had to be in the room for it to take effect and it wouldn’t have been safe when the babies come. Now we won’t have to just be in the one room for winter. Cameron also explained what I can do about mould and other things, we wouldn’t have known this without him.”

Habitat Healthy Home’s initiatives help address acute health issues that can be attributed to a cold, damp living environment.

Habitat undertakes a comprehensive home visit and then provides a free education kit and can make a range of minor repairs to make the home warmer, drier, and healthier.

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