Stoke Stage 2 Development

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Stoke Stage 2

We’re building again. We’ve started Stoke Stage 2 development of 8 homes at the rear of Stoke Stage 1, which recently added 14 homes, connecting these two communities. We plan to deliver 4 two-bedroom units and 3 three-bedroom units for Progressive Home Ownership in 2024.

October 2023

In the next couple of month, we’ll be building and delivering 4 x 2-bedroom units and 3 x 3-bedroom semi-detached units for Progressive Home Ownership. These homes will be part of the Stoke community that we dedicated in June 2023.

Ground work on site started and info meetings took place this month to give all local families to familiarise themselves about our programme and start their application process.

Virtual Tour of Stoke Stage 2 (Shields Way)

November 2023

Groundwork, pipelines, and concrete pads have been set up. We’ve prepared all the floor slabs with the moisture barrier (black plastic) to the underside of the concrete slab and the white pods are polystyrene pods forming the floor system. Thanks to innovative building system Formance, we’re have two blocks standing and Apex Roofing put a roof on one of the block already!

December 2023

All the blocks are now standing, with most interior walls in place. Sewage tanks and pipes have been installed, as well as windows at the far back block. 

Habitat Nelson Stoke Stage 2 development - windows are installed on some blocks. A view from one block through doubleglazed windows to another block on the other side.
A view from the top of the roof of one block Stoke Stage 2 to other two blocks.

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