Meet Matekino, victim support worker and mum of three

Dec 6, 2022

During stints in family and emergency housing, Matekino’s boys kept getting sick with Bronchitis and respiratory illness. “I was taking them to the doctor’s every third day, I was so worried, and as a mum, you think of worst-case scenario. Then I got pneumonia which was the worst I had ever felt,” Matekino said.

After securing a private rental Matekino was referred to Habitat’s Healthy Homes programme, who supported the family with educational material, installed double-lined curtains, and provided items designed to keep the home warmer, drier and healthier.

“We got a hygrometer which we use in our rooms too. It let me know how much humidity is in our rooms and at what times, and showed us how to use the timer for the heater. I didn’t know any of those kinds of things. It’s so simple. My kids don’t get sick now, which is good because I need to go to work. It is manageable now.”