Increased independence due to Home Repairs

Jul 16, 2021

Following a motorbike accident in 2011, Stuart found his Peria home was no longer fit for purpose.

His ability to use the kitchen and bathroom were severely limited and Stuart relied heavily on his carers. “There were many challenges. Back then even doing general things like putting dinner on for my wife or making my own coffee was tough. I didn’t want to rely on my carers all the time,” he said.

Through Habitat’s Home Repair Programme, Te Puni Kōkiri and Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri Trust, Stuart’s kitchen and bathroom were transformed. Benches and sinks were lowered to an accessible height. Doors were adjusted to allow Stuart to move around his home with ease and his bathroom was made accessible.

These critical repairs have significantly impacted Stuart’s day to day life. “The work that has been done in the bathroom is magic. I can now use the sink in my wheelchair. This means I can shave again. For some people that’s normal but not for me. Now everything is available to me. My kitchen was not appropriate for me before but now it is perfect. I could not ask for anything better,” he said.

Stuart can now independently prepare kai for his mokopuna and enjoy making his morning cup of coffee.