Improve the ventilation of your home

Jun 28, 2022

Want to improve the ventilation in your home? Here are our top tips to keep your home well ventilated this winter:

– Proper ventilation fans in both the kitchen and the bathroom, will stop condensation mould.
– Removing condensation with a Scoopy will also help.
– For at least 15 minutes each day, open up your windows to air the house out.
– Dry your washing outside, to reduce the amount of moisture inside.

AMI Insurance and Habitat for Humanity NZ are on a mission to help improve the lives of 75,000 Kiwis living in housing need; this survey is the first step to help understand the scale of the issue.

The inaugural Aotearoa Housing Survey by AMI Insurance and Habitat for Humanity NZ has revealed a stark reality – several hundred thousand New Zealand homes are cold, damp and expensive to heat. The survey was commissioned as part of the three-year partnership between AMI and Habitat. It has provided the two organisations with critical information to help understand the scale of the issues New Zealanders are facing so that they can strengthen their response and help New Zealanders enjoy better living conditions, particularly in the colder months.