Housing Affordability and Climate Change Key themes at Pacific People’s Housing Forum

May 22, 2019

More than 100 delegates from New Zealand and Pacific Nations of Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and the Cook Islands attended the inaugural Pacific People’s Housing Forum on 17th May 2019.  First of its kind, this one-day event brought together representatives from local and national Government, private sector and academia to dialogue, collaborate and problem-solve on Pacific People’s housing both in the Pacific and in New Zealand.

The theme of the forum “powering collaboration for housing impact”.  The topics covered during the event included panel discussions on disaster response and resilience; housing finance; a lecture on climate change, quality of housing in New Zealand and the Pacific as well as Habitat’s partnership in the Pacific and with Pacific people’s in New Zealand.

Other highlights included contributions from Pacific young people on housing adequacy.  Prior to the forum, organisers hosted an essay competition for young people aged 16-18 based in the Pacific.  Entrants answered the question “Habitat for Humanity is working toward a world where everyone has a decent place to live. What are your hopes for housing in your country?”  Three finalists representing Samoa, Tonga and Fiji presented excerpts of their essays during the forum.

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