Home ownership provides whānau stability

Mar 15, 2022

“I no longer have to worry about losing my home. Habitat helped me and my kids step up. They have given my family and their future families the biggest gift, whānau stability,” said Dana, Progressive Home Ownership Partner.

Prior to moving into her Habitat home, Dana and her three children were living in a cold wet house that had mould, and her children’s health suffered as a result. Dana said, “Once we moved into our Habitat home the house was so warm, we could feel the difference in the air, it felt dry. There were no loose exposed wires or GIB. We felt safe.”

When asked about the future, Dana said, “This home revitalised the drive I have in myself that anything is achievable with a little hard work. I set new goals, got my degree, and now have a job helping others in similar circumstances. I don’t know what the future holds but it’s exciting. It is so freeing.”

Dana recently settled her home with Habitat four years ahead of schedule.