Home ownership a significant milestone for Auckland family

Nov 17, 2021

“This settlement is a big milestone. We are over the moon. We can stand up on our own feet and find our own way.”
– Takapuna, Progressive Home Ownership Partner Family

Habitat has been helping New Zealanders with a hand up into home ownership for more than 25 years. Habitat provides a progressive ‘rent- to-buy’ home ownership model for modest income families. Families make regular affordable payments to Habitat whilst being supported through their journey to home ownership with a range of support services and financial mentoring.

When he was 29, Takapuna moved from Tonga and began a new life in New Zealand. He was renting at first and described the challenges of this time, “Back then it was a rugged journey. It was hard moving from place to place, suburb to suburb, trying to find a job.”

In 2010, Takapuna’s family moved into their Habitat home in Ōtara. Takapuna explained, “When we moved into our home it felt comfortable. Everything was good, from paying the rent to having maintenance done on the house. Habitat looked after us. I contributed to whatever they required; my help, my experience, and expertise.”

The scheme places a strong emphasis on partnership between Habitat and the future homeowners. Through workshops Takapuna learned key partnership skills. “This is not only for my time with Habitat but whatever bank may help me to continue on my journey. I can use what Habitat taught me to carry on with whoever is next.”

This year marks the end of their 10 year home ownership journey. The settlement date took place in June which was a significant milestone for the family. Takapuna’s story has much in common with many partner families. Families seeking the security and stability that having a place to call home can bring.