Home is the key to a stable future for Dargaville family

Sep 7, 2022

For Dargaville mother of three Melanie, the security that homeownership can bring was something she thought was beyond her reach.
Melanie describes her own childhood as dysfunctional, growing up surrounded by alcohol addiction, violence, abuse and poverty. She was determined to break the cycle and wanted a different life for her own children. “This is huge for me because of where I have come from. When the kids were little, I sacrificed a lot. I gave up smoking and drinking. I learnt to be grateful for the little things.”

Melanie, a single parent at the time attended courses, looked at loans and saved where she could. She applied to the Progressive Home Ownership programme in 2010 and is now the proud owner of her home.

“Habitat was the hands, the heart, and the wisdom. It is good that they are a hand-up not a hand-out. They were guiding and directing us, but it was up to us. You have to do the work,” said Melanie.

Now her partnership with Habitat is complete, Melanie said, “I feel satisfied to have finished this home ownership journey. I feel complete. When you think you can’t do something and then it happens, it gives you hope. Never give up on your dream.”

“My life is much better now. From the moment, I knew I had a home it was like a burden lifted off me. When we got the house in our name, it was a feeling I can’t describe.”

“I have security for once in my life that I’ve never had. As a single mum I just hated giving my money away to nothing, knowing it was going towards my mortgage was the best feeling ever.”

To me home means safety, love and protection. It is a legacy.”