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Home repairs ‘a saving grace’ for Auckland whānau

Jul 2, 2022

“Our house has been falling apart and it got to the point where the floor was falling through.” 

Simone, her mother Taiaiu, and extended whānau of eight had been living with ongoing water leaks and other interior problems for years with the stress weighing heavily on the family. Taiaiu washes the hair of her granddaughters, which has cultural significance, being unable to do this was adding to their stress. 

Simone applied to Habitat’s Home Repair Programme after picking up a Brochure at her local ReStore Charity store in Ormiston Road. “I applied for home repairs on behalf of my mum. She cried when we got the approval letter. Habitat was a ray of sunshine; it meant someone had our back in this. It was a saving grace,” said Simone. 

“We had ongoing issues with this home. A broken tap meant that water had leaked and rotted the kitchen floor, and the shower frame was rotting. We also didn’t have locks on the door, so it wasn’t secure. These repairs have lifted a whole lot of things we were worried about. Not only is this a home for ten people but we have nieces and nephews visiting all the time. Our house is a thoroughfare for the community. We loved having the Habitat builders here.”