Habitat and Waikato Tainui support house-proud homeowner

Nov 29, 2022

Adrianna, of Waikato Tainui, is really proud of her Whatawhata home. The house was previously owned by her parents and holds many whānau memories.

As the current homeowner, Adrianna knew she wanted to make some repairs and renovations when she moved into the homestead with her husband. Parts of the house were showing signs of wear and tear, and she had concerns about water damage after noticing some damage to the kitchen wall, which backs on to the bathroom.

Through Habitat for Humanity’s Home Repair Programme, Adrianna was able to have critical repairs completed on her home. Her fears of water damage having been confirmed, Habitat helped to replace the shower linings and the damaged kitchen wall, install a new vanity and laminate flooring in the bathroom, and carry out electrical work to bring the house up to code.

“I’m happy,” Adrianna says. “I love my bathroom. I had the bathtub resealed and now my bathroom is brand-spanking new. I’m very proud.”

Adrianna first learnt about the Home Repair Programme through a Facebook post shared to her by her sister-in-law, but it’s not the first time she has encountered Habitat’s work. When her parents were alive, they worked with Habitat to insulate the house, helping ensure a warm, dry place to live.

“This was my parents’ home – my homestead. The pride I show in my home is because of my parents. It was their hard sweat and tears that worked for this roof.”

Adrianna commended the Habitat team who completed the work.

“I have high praise for the team. From Cliff, who did the inspection, to Lester and Marcel who did the work, as well as the electricians and the plumber. They’re an awesome team. I’m one very happy customer.”

Habitat’s Home Repair Programme offers interest-free loans for homeowners to carry out critical repairs they otherwise may not be able to afford. Following Adrianna’s positive experience with the programme, she has recommended it to others in her community and supported her neighbour, who is also her cousin, with his own application.

Adrianna now has plans to update other parts of her house and hopes to complete some of the work herself.

“It’s my project – my vision is to renovate the whole house eventually.”

Habitat works in partnership with Waikato Tainui, who support the Home Repair Programme where it benefits tribal members. Over the past year, 29 home repair projects have been part-funded by Waikato Tainui in addition to Habitat’s no-interest loan.

Habitat Central Chief Executive Nic Greene says partnerships are vital for the repair programme.

“This enables us to engage deeper with members of the communities we work in. Through our relationship with Waikato Tainui, we’re ensuring whānau have a warm, dry, and safe place to call home, supporting us to further our vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.”