Gaza crisis: Leading NGOs join forces to support unprecedented humanitarian emergency

Oct 26, 2023

While Habitat for Humanity does not have a presence in Gaza, we are part of the Emergency Alliance coalition for leading New Zealand based humanitarian organisations

Emergency Alliance, a coalition of New Zealand’s leading humanitarian NGOs, has today launched an urgent appeal to raise funds for people affected by the rapidly deteriorating and unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Gaza.  

An estimated one million people displaced across the Gaza Strip do not have access to water, food, electricity, critical medical care, and other essential supplies.  More than 5,000 people have been killed, with children making up a third of total fatalities.  In addition to military attacks, the United Nations has warned that “water remains a key issue as people will start dying without water”.  With aid trucks only just reaching a fraction of the people trapped in Gaza, there remains a desperate need for water, food and medicine.

Emergency Alliance unites eight leading New Zealand charities that come together to help respond to humanitarian emergencies.  The Alliance provides a central place for Kiwis to donate and funds are divided among members. Emergency Alliance Executive Director Paul Brown said: “By working as one coalition, we take away the confusion of which charity to support, making the donation choice easier.”   

“Right now, our member organisations are working with their local partners in the region preparing to provide life-saving aid to the developing humanitarian crisis. We urgently need donations to reach thousands of people as the death toll continues to rise dramatically.”

“We are urging New Zealanders to give whatever they can to help.”

Tearfund CEO and Emergency Alliance member, Ian McInnes said “This is one of the most challenging humanitarian crises I have been involved with during my 20 years working in humanitarian response. It’s extremely fast moving, and risks destabilising the region.  It could extend the humanitarian crisis extending into the West Bank.   We must work together and help those who face the most acute humanitarian needs – and right now that’s innocent children and families in Gaza.  Their lives hang in the balance, cut off from vital services and aid amidst escalating violence.”

The National Director of Anglican Missions and Emergency Alliance member, Michael Hartfield, described the urgent need for Kiwis to donate.

“Now, more than ever, humanitarian aid is vital to put people first in this horrific conflict. Our colleagues at Al Ahli Hospital are desperate as they continue to provide 24-hour care. Food, water and medical supplies still need to be procured for patients. It is challenging to get these supplies through, but our networks and established partners across Gaza and the region are determined to continue providing humanitarian assistance.

Emergency Alliance encourages New Zealanders to support the Gaza Humanitarian Crisis appeal by donating online at

Header image: Destroyed houses in the town of Beit Hanoun. Photo/ Khalil Hamra