Fiji is getting stronger

Apr 9, 2019

This is what empowerment looks like.

The devastating effects of Cyclone Winston and the boundaries of a male-dominated field didn’t stop Maria from becoming empowered to help rebuild her community with Habitat.

Whilst working with Habitat Fiji, Maria got talking with some women volunteers who were on the Global Village build she was hosting.  It was then that she realised she had interest in carpentry!  However, in her village of Namosi in Fiji, the idea of an indigenous woman trying to do a “man’s job” was unheard of.

After completing an 18-week construction training course through Habitat and partners, as well as  Build Back Safer training, Maria can now hold her head high.  She is the first female carpenter in her village.

“Anything is possible if you have faith in what you believe,”.  Read more here.

A tropical cyclone can be incredibly disempowering.  We can’t do anything to prevent storms from happening.  But we can make sure that families are prepared and can live with stability and strength.

This is why the work being done in Fiji is important.  Through initiatives, such as the Build Back Safer and water and sanitation programs, people receive hands-on training to build and repair disaster-resilient homes and communities. This is how, with your partnership, we are providing empowerment through shelter.