Dornan Family – Hamilton

Mar 20, 2014

“The home has given us stability, peace of mind”

Family Dornan moved into their Habitat home in 2012. Two years later they look back.
“My nephew and his family had nowhere to live, so they moved in with us. We had a three bedroom home and there were thirteen of us. It was very cramped. We’ve moved seven times in twenty years. Different things kept us on the move: rent increases, sales by owners, unhealthy homes or the need for more space.

Moving into our Habitat home has given us stability and peace of mind. Our children can always come back to their home and know there will always be someone there. We are not constantly moving around. It just means peace.

We are on the ladder to home ownership. We can plan for the future. We can create our own home and leave a place for our children and grandchildren in the future.”