Cyclone Season doesn’t have to be lived in fear

Feb 14, 2019

In the middle of cyclone season is a scary place to be.

A cyclone can be a devastating event. Left with nothing, many find themselves having to start life from scratch. But there is also hope. Our work at Habitat gives a little bit of that hope to families and communities.

One such family is that of Elaine and her 3 children in Samoa.  After Elaine’s home was badly damaged during Tropical Cyclone Gita last year, they had been staying in her husband’s family home while trying to determine what was next (pictured above).

Thanks to your support and with the help of a team of Habitat Global Village volunteers led by Mike McLean, Elaine’s home was repaired.  In addition to participating in the repair, Elaine and her husband were also trained on how to strengthen and repair their home after disaster in the future.  She is now excited that her family has a home once again, and hopeful that they are prepared so that it stays that way.

Cyclone season doesn’t have to be lived in fear.  With the right tools, training and support, families in the Pacific can live prepared for the next cyclone, knowing that their home will be stable and that they are equipped with the resilience and skills to recover quickly after disaster strikes.

In partnership with families in Tonga, Samoa and Fiji and with your support for Habitat’s work, we are doing this work.  Together we are helping families to have not just a safer place to sleep at night and a stable roof over their head, but a place where families can thrive and grow.