Curtains helping to keep families warm and dry

Sep 16, 2019

Research shows that well-fitted curtains are effective at reducing heat loss. This not only helps keep a home warm and healthy, but also greatly helps with reducing energy bills. Many families cannot afford to buy good quality curtains. The Habitat Curtain Bank exists to help support these families.

The Habitat Curtain Bank provide curtains to low-income families predominantly living in rental accommodation. Angelica received new curtains for her home, “Our 8-year-old son was in the hospital every year with asthma and bronchiolitis issues from birth. Winter is an especially stressful time for our family. Most nights we barely slept unsure if he was breathing. Since having the curtains installed this has been the easiest winter my son has faced. He has had so much respite and enjoyed being a child. We have been able to breathe easier knowing that our son is in a warm, healthy home.”

Nita’s story is also typical of the situations we hear about.“Before we got curtains our house was very damp and very cold. We have insulation in the ceiling, but it still never felt warm.”

“Our youngest daughter tested positive for strep throat. It was hard to hear this, and harder when she got strep throat again. She had so much time off school and was so sick. My husband got rheumatic fever and now has a very weak heart and often gets water on his lungs. When this happens, he must go to the hospital. It was hard to keep him well, with our house being so cold and damp.”

“Our new curtains have made a huge difference. It is so noticeable. Our house is so much warmer. Even family and friends who come over have noticed the difference. The biggest impact is that my daughter has not been sick since we got the curtains. I can’t believe how much curtains made a difference.”

As part of our ongoing advocacy, Habitat will continue to lobby for the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act to expand and include a landlord responsibility to provide decent, well-fitted curtains to every rental property.