Critical repairs completed through Home Repair Programme

Aug 26, 2020

Through Habitat’s Home Repair programme and BNZ, Habitat is able to offer interest free loans to modest income homeowners in need of essential repairs and renovations. Keeping existing housing stock available for future generations is a key focus of this programme.

Works are focused on improving the insulation envelope, essential repairs that address safety and security concerns, renovations that support accessibility for the elderly and people with disabilities and vital works that are leading to whole home degeneration such as leaky roofs and rotten floorboards.

John’s family is typical of some of the households we support. One family member said, “We have been living here for 38 years. Over that time we had not addressed some of the repairs as we couldn’t afford them.”

Following a full assessment of the home, the key works relating to safety, accessibility and an improved healthy environment were identified. Along with a team of volunteers, Habitat completed a wet shower area, removed all mould build up and replaced window latches and faulty locks. John’s family is now repaying a loan for the works with payments they are able to afford.