Creating warmer homes through Habitat’s Curtain Bank

Jun 15, 2021

Since its inception, the Curtain Bank has cut, sewn and re-purposed thousands of curtains enabling hundreds of families to live in warmer and healthier homes.

Heating a home is difficult and sometimes costly for many families. Research shows that well fitted, double lined curtains are effective at reducing heat loss. This not only helps keep a home warm and healthy, but also greatly helps with reducing energy bills. Many families, particularly those living in rental properties, cannot afford to buy good quality curtains. The Habitat Curtain Bank exists to help support these families.

Waiheke resident, Lisa, found that purchasing new curtains was challenging, “Sorting curtains for the house is something I’ve been wanting to do for a few years. As a single mum I found there was always something else to use my money, time and energy on but every winter it’s been on my mind.”

Lisa received new double-lined fitted curtains for her home, “Having the curtains has already had a positive impact on my wellbeing. The curtains from Habitat’s Curtain Bank are so lovely and having them has given me a sense of pride about my home. I feel like we live in a nicer home; it’s cosier and warmer and with not much condensation on the windows. We’ve also all been getting much better sleep and for longer.”