Building life blocks through volunteering

Oct 29, 2019

Matt (36) has been with Habitat for Humanity Central North Island for just 18 months and has already become an integral part our ovolunteer team.  

His love for learning new skills motivated him to take up the responsibility of mowing lawns at Habitat CNI’s pensioner units in Hamilton and Te Awamutu, making him our official volunteer lawnmower. He loves putting on his favourite music and using the ride on mower. 

“They (Habitat CNI) have given me something to be in charge of,” Matt said. 

“I love working with Habitat. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face.”  

Matt has been using his experience in construction, automotive electrical and interior plastering to make most of his time at Habitat.   

“The people I work with are amazing. I work faster by being shown and not told and they have been nothing but patient with me,” he said. 

Habitat CNI Operations Manager Nathan Collins said Matt has been so willing to participate wherever needed, and has “an amazing attitude towards the families we support, and staff.” 

“We really appreciate and are very fortunate to have Matt as an integral member of the team, we cannot thank Matt enough,” Nathan said. 

Matt said he connects with Habitat’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live and says it motivates him to help others and make their lives better. 

Matt started volunteering with Habitat CNI in 2018 as a donations assistant. Soon, with his hard work and dedication, he started taking up numerous other roles and responsibilities. 

“I started working out at the back (donation area) with donations, unloading the van and going out for deliveries. Then I started helping… with building stuff,” he said. 

“I am very fortunate to be given this opportunity by Habitat,” Matt said. 

“Every day is a new adventure,