Building Homes in Samoa while on a Global Village Build

Sep 17, 2016

Going on a Global Village build to the Pacific this year was incredible!

Our team was in Samoa for two weeks from the 23rd of August to 3rd of September, during which we worked on 8 – 9 homes alongside local builders and the families. They were very friendly and great to work alongside. We stayed at the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) site in Apia. Accommodation was basic but comfortable with air conditioned rooms, and the work sites were all 15 minutes to an hour’s drive from our accommodation. The team at ADRA were really cheerful and very welcoming!

We were involved in re-builds and extensions, and our time working on each house varied from half a day to about two and a half days. The work we did included:

  • sifting sand for the mortar
  • cutting reinforcing steel and glass
  • installing windows, removing and replacing roofs
  • digging holes
  • building and installing, new and re-used roof framing
  • Painting (with paint brushes made of coconut husk!!)

We were looked after well, with hot evening meals and lunch prepared locally each day! The added bonus of having great swimming holes to cool off in after work was a much needed respite from the sweltering 32 degree heat.

I recommend that everyone goes on a Global Village build with Habitat For Humanity at least once in their lifetime, if not every year! My advice: make sure to drink lots of water and be prepared to get stuck in with families to help make sure everyone has a decent place to live! Join a build today!

Graham Brocklebank
Global Village Team Leader