Budget 2023: Habitat says additional 3000 housing dwellings will maintain momentum

May 18, 2023

Confirmation in Budget 2023 of 3000 additional public housing dwellings is a positive step forward and will help maintain momentum, along with 100,000 insulation and heating retrofits for warmer home initiatives, says Habitat for Humanity.

“We work with families in housing need every day; and we’re happy to get stuck in and do the hard mahi, but we can’t do this alone,” says Nic Greene, Habitat for Humanity spokesperson.

Today’s announcement sends a strong signal that Habitat, and the community housing sector, are valued partners in the overall solution to help all New Zealanders to secure a decent place to live,” says Nic Greene, Habitat for Humanity spokesperson.

“We urge those in government, now and in the future, to prioritise funding and policy for all types of housing.

“What we need is certainty and security to enable a longer-term approach to resolving our housing problem. One that goes beyond the current election cycle and one which focuses on the mechanisms to enable us to deliver homes for those in housing need.

“We also need the collective might of Government, business and the community to resolve the critical issue of housing.

“Habitat owns and manages affordable rentals and is keen to continue to grow this, as one way to provide decent housing for those in need.

“Today’s announcement goes some way to addressing aspects of the housing deficit, however there is more that needs to be done. We need to consider all areas of the housing ecosystem – from emergency housing through to private ownership and prioritise what needs to be done support families and individuals to have a decent place to live.

“We urge Government to continue to work closely with Habitat, and others, to consider solutions for our housing situation.

Habitat has been working in New Zealand for 30 years and supported thousands of individuals and families to have a warmer, drier and safer home. It delivers a range of housing programmes, including a rent-to-buy model, affordable rentals along with other initiatives such as critical repairs or minor improvements which support people build or improve the place they call home.