Broken home transformed into safe & warm shelter for 77 year old owner

Feb 9, 2021

To support local whānau to live in warm, dry, healthy homes, Habitat for Humanity operates a Home Repair Programme for homeowners. This programme provides affordable home maintenance and repair solutions specific to the family’s needs.

Fred is one of the many homeowners who have had their homes undergo critical repair. Over the years, Fred’s Mangere home had become worn down from age. Fred had been unable to keep up with the cost of maintenance after becoming a retired pensioner.

“My daughter found out about Habitat in the local paper which had an advertisement about helping people who are needing a healthier, warmer place to live. She said to me “Dad, why don’t we try contacting them?”

The programme improves the insulation envelope. Providing essential repairs that address safety and security concerns, renovations that support accessibility for the elderly and people with disabilities and vital works that are leading to whole home degeneration such as leaky roofs and rotten floorboards. Fred’s family is typical of some of the whānau supported.

Following a full assessment of the home, the key works relating to safety, accessibility and an improved healthy environment were identified. Fred’s home received extensive repairs, including a full bathroom renovation, installation of door locks, insulation and roof tile re-ridging, to make the home safer and warmer.

“It was a dilapidated place. Cold in winter, miserable and things were broken with no insulation. If it wasn’t for Habitat, I didn’t think I would live long. Now I have a better and warm place to live.”