Auckland family to become future home owners through Progressive Home Ownership programme

May 18, 2021

Habitat provides a progressive ‘rent-to-buy’ home ownership model for modest income families. Families make regular affordable payments to Habitat whilst being supported through their journey to home ownership with a range of support services and financial monitoring.

Andrew’s family had been saving for a deposit on a new home, but an untimely change in deposit threshold meant this still remained very much out of reach. They applied for secure housing through different agencies and found they either earned too much for Public Housing or too little to qualify for a bank loan. Andrew’s family have now been partnering with Habitat for five years. Their continued diligence in saving and future planning means they will soon be in a position to secure a commercial loan and purchase their home from Habitat.

“It was looking like we had to decide between a family or a home, but Habitat gave us the opportunity to have both. It also meant that we were able to plan for the future, pick our kids schools and build our lives because we knew where we were going to be.”