An update on Stand Strong Fiji

Nov 19, 2018

Pictured above are Kanito Lovobalavu, Stand Strong Fiji Project Manger (left) and Ro Angela Turagadrau, the PASSA committee President for Nuku village in Serua, Fiji (right).

Nuku Village is a small village located on the bank of the Navua river, 17km inland on the main island of Viti Levu, Fiji. With no roads in or out of the village, the instructors used a small boat to cross the river so they could run the 8 day training on our Participatory Approach to Self Shelter Awareness (PASSA).

By the end of the training the PASSA committee comprised wholly of community members identified 8 households who were most vulnerable to risks such as Cyclones.

Now, thanks to the support from donors like yourself, Nuku Village have a plan. The PASSA Committee identified Simi, Moala, Mika, Vuniivi, Vili, Teresia, Vunidakua and Tasia who are all receiving support to repair and cyclone strengthen their homes.

12 communities now have plans to improve their shelter. By the end of this project, 40 communities will have implemented their plans, but in order to make that happen we need your help.

Ro Angela Turagadrau is the PASSA Committee President for Nuku village. With her leadership as a champion for safe shelter in her own community, the skills they’re learning will be long lasting. Ro Angela Turagadrau is helping change the way her community thinks about housing.

All of our work is founded in partnership. By working together, listening to each other, and supporting people to learn, our efforts are most effective.