Ten new homes to support housing affordability in Whangārei

Feb 28, 2023

A new community housing development in Onerahi, Whangārei is providing affordable and secure tenure to ten families in housing need.

Habitat for Humanity Northern Region has partnered with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MHUD), and a local developer to provide affordable rental options to people on the housing waitlist.

Conrad LaPointe, Habitat Northern CEO said, “This development is a good example of a CHP and the private sector partnering to deliver good quality public housing in Whangārei. We see new supply as not just about the number of homes, but quality. The Onerahi Rd development reflects a high standard of public housing, ensuring Whangārei has good quality long term housing stock. We look forward to welcoming our latest partner families into their homes over the next few weeks and freeing up space in transitional housing for others in need.

Mother holding son, both smiling at the camera

These new homes provide security of tenure, a healthy living environment, and stability for each family that will have long-term benefits. We cannot do this by ourselves, which is why partnerships such as the one are critical to providing solutions to the current lack of affordable housing in Whangārei.

The development was opened by Mayor Vince Cocurollo, who said “The extreme weather events we are experiencing only serve to reinforce the absolute necessity for everyone in our country to have access to dry, safe, fit for purpose housing. This is a basic need, and one that we are aiming to achieve within our region. I am fully supportive of the mahi being done by Habitat for Humanity, which is proving that through local collaboration, we can achieve truly great outcomes.”

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