Baycorp provides a hand up to Clover Park family of ten

Nov 3, 2022

In late October the team from Baycorp and Habitat came together in lending a hand to a hard working Clover Park family.

This family of ten, had been living with water leaks for years, which meant the floors had rotten through in some areas and the bathroom was not workable. The family had tried to make repairs themselves over the years with little success.

After seeing a brochure in their local ReStore charity store they decided to apply to the Home Repairs Programme, resulting in a whole new wet room being installed along with extensive repairs to the flooring in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Baycorp’s help on the day involved prepping and sanding the interior walls then giving them a fresh new look with painting throughout.

The family are very active in their community, holding regular community gatherings at the property, the repairs and fresh new look have restored their pride in their home.

Simone said, ”It can be overwhelming having so many people come to help, but it’s a fresh new start for us as a family and we couldn’t be more grateful to Baycorp and Habitat.”

They made and presented the team from Baycorp and Habitat with traditional flower headdresses as a thank you.

This painting project was kindly supported by Dulux paints.