A Hand Up – Not a Hand Out

Mar 4, 2020

In New Zealand, we partner with family’s through our Assisted Home Ownership programme, providing a pathway to home ownership for the many people otherwise locked out of the market. One of those family’s was Sanjida’s. Based in South Auckland, Sanjida and her three children were living in in a rental home but had to move out when the landlord sold the property. Sanjida applied for a state home, but somehow fell off the register. “The children and I found ourselves homeless. We applied for private rentals, but even though I had good credit and good payment history we couldn’t break back into the market.” Her family had no option but to move into a friend’s home, the four of them all sharing one bedroom. “Although I was so grateful, the room was cold and had a broken window. I was losing my independence. I felt lost. It’s never a nice feeling to have to rely on someone else. I felt like I wasn’t providing the basic necessities of a safe home and shelter for my children.” Sanjida heard about Habitat for Humanity through one of her friends and got in touch. “I was amazed when I got accepted. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would own a home. Now it’s what I strive for.” After moving into her home in 2015, Sanjida is over half-way through her home ownership journey with Habitat. Sanjida’s story has much in common with many of Habitat’s partner families. Families who just need a hand up into their own home, and who want to provide the security and stability that a place to call home can bring for generations.