Global Village

A Global Village trip can be a life-changing experience. Teams of volunteers visit countries in need and help build houses in the local communities.

You will be more than a tourist: you will be welcomed into the community by your hosts and introduced to the local culture as a guest. You will develop an understanding of issues facing the community, learn more about another culture and learn more about yourself.

Global Village teams bring invaluable support to the communities they visit. More homes are built each year because of the donation Global Village teams make to the host community. You do not need prior building experience. If you have a sense of adventure, are in good health and willing to work hard, you can be part of a Global Village team! Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or be part of an organised school, faith or service group.

If you would like to join an existing team as an individual, please see the Global Village Trip Schedule and contact the team leader.

If you are keen to lead a team and need some inspiration, we have slots open throughout Asia Pacific. Email us to see what slots are available.

Trip Schedule

Borneo Blitz 2014

Begins : 10/09/2014
Ends : 20/09/2014
Team Leader

Jim and Ann Dowman

64 7 573 8541

Come join us in Borneo 10-20 September 2014 for the Borneo Blitz Build!

Along with other international and local volunteers and Habitat families we will work for six days building 14 houses in Kuching, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. This willl be our second build there which was one of our all time favorite Habitat experiences.. The affiliate is exteremly organized and will be well prepared to work us hard and give us a wonderful cultural experience. We look forward to hearing back from you if you want to know more!

And please pass on this information to your friends and families.

Registration form:
Adult click here

Fiji Labasa Build 2014

Begins : 27/09/2014
Team Leader

Team organizer: Suanna Smith

Team Leader: Jane Mead

GV Coordinator:
Ph 0800442248 
For more information about this trip please contact Jane Mead.
Ph 271 3357

Come join us on a Global Village trip in Labasa, Vanua Levu, Fiji for one week to build a house for a family in need!

This will be a small group of 10-15 people and no building experience is necessary. Cost will be around $3,465.00 which includes flights, accommodation, food, and building costs.

There is the opportunity to extend your stay in Fiji after the build at your own cost.

$300.00 deposit is required on registration.PLEASE NOTE: The completion of the registration form is not in itself an entitlement of acceptance for an HFH volunteer on this trip.

Event Type: Global Village
Team Type: Open/ General
Place of the Build: Labasa, Vanua Levu, Fiji
Number of Volunteers: 15
Age Range: 18+
Trip Dates (including travel dates): September 27th depart Auckland
Return: Open

Registration form:
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Ethiopia Harar 2014

Begins : 04/10/2014
Ends : 27/10/2014
Team Leader

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Paul Graham (Team Leader):

Harar – October 2014

• 15-20 Volunteers wanted

• Team Leader = Paul Graham

• Estimated Cost = $5200 tbc

• Cost includes airfares, accommodation, meals during the build, airport transfers, compulsory medical insurance, HFH branded gear, and a contribution towards HFH Ethiopia. The contribution will go towards future projects in Ethiopia – purchasing land and/or materials, building up infrastructure, and so forth.

• No building skills are required…but, a willingness to give things a go is compulsory!

• We always encourage volunteers to participate in some tourism before or after the build. An optional tourism package will be offered after the build. This will be available at an additional cost.

Background of the build:

• HFHNZ has sent nine teams to build homes in Ethiopia, and are pleased to have another team confirmed for 2014. Please see the proposed itinerary.

Where to from here?

• Places are filling fast. To secure your position registration needs to be in by end of April.

Email Paul at for information.

1. A registration form (click on the link below).

2. We will require a copy of the photo page of your passport.

3. We will require a $1000 deposit upon registration. Payment instructions can be provided by Paul or the GV staff at HFH.

Key Contacts:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Paul Graham (Team Leader):

Or Lavinia (Global Village Coordinator):

PLEASE NOTE: The completion of the registration form is not in itself an entitlement of acceptance for an HFH volunteer.

Acceptance as a volunteer is at the sole discretion of HFHNZ.

Registration form:
Adult click here

Everest Build 111. Nepal

Begins : 15/11/2014
Ends : 22/11/2014
Team Leader
Please contact Lua Maea, for more details.
Overall Team Leader: Warren Jack
Ph 09 271 3357

Return to majestic Himalayas to help families.
After the success of the 2013 Everest Build, Habitat for Humanity invites volunteers to return to one of the most beautiful parts of the planet to build environmentally-friendly bamboo and Adobe houses. This time Habitat for Humanity is working with indigenous Chitwan communities.

Your support of Everest Build III will play a major part in assisting 100,000 low-income families in Nepal to live in safe, decent homes – Habitat for Humanity Nepal's target by 2016. In addition, as this is the only Big Build in the region in 2014, part of your donation will support home partners and programs in other Asia-Pacific countries.

Time: November 15-22, 2014
Location: Chitwan
Number of homes: 100
Volunteers needed: 50 - 150

Registration form:
Adult click here

Looking for more opportunities?

If you are keen to lead a team and need some inspiration, we have slots open throughout Asia Pacific.

To see what slots are available, email preferences and ideas for us to follow up on your behalf.

Global Village teams from the U.S. are often open to international participants. To find out more, click here.